Faces of Hunger: Meet Sylvia

Sylvia, 64, was a nurse at a local veterans’ hospital for over 40 years, but now she’s retired and doesn’t have enough to eat.

“I took care of the veterans since I was 18 years old,” she told us. “I have my master’s degree and everything, but now I’m a disabled senior.”

She stretches her social security check as far as possible, visiting Joi’s Angels once it’s run out at the end of each month. They provide her with supplemental food, including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sylvia is grateful and recognizes that she’s just one among many in her community who need the extra support.

“They help me a lot so that I’m never hungry again and no one else in my community is hungry,” she said. “They’re a blessing to us.”

Look around. Hunger is everywhere, right here where we live, and it doesn’t look like you think. It impacts our neighbors, colleagues, and friends, though they work hard to make ends meet. Your support makes a real difference in their lives. Click here to make a gift to help neighbors in need, like Sylvia. All gifts DOUBLED until midnight 12/31.