Teen Summit 2015 - 2

Youth Outreach

Are you a young person who wonders, “Why are there hungry people right where I live, right here in New Jersey? Maybe even in my town?”

Are you a teacher, guidance counselor, campus or youth minister, or a youth leader looking for a hunger education program for your students?

Are you a company looking to sponsor a youth activity that helps alleviate hunger?

We provide:

Age-appropriate presentations and workshops at the FoodBank, your school, your community center, or your house of worship.

Action projects:

Become a CFBNJ volunteer, hunger advocate, food drive coordinator and/or peer leader.

The FoodBank has an exciting Youth Hunger Awareness program dedicated to educating children, teens and young adults about hunger and poverty issues. This program has learning modules, seminars, classes, etc. about hunger in New Jersey and how to help those in need across our state.

  • Be a Youth Hunger Ambassador from your school, house of worship or club.
  • Be on a Youth Hunger Council.
  • Be an advocate for the poor and hungry to our legislators.
  • Mentor other students on hunger issues.
  • Coordinate campus and community fundraisers for the FoodBank.



Register your school for the Students Change Hunger™ food drive competition!

  • This food drive will run from September 18 through December 11.
  • 25 schools will be nominated for the competition’s top prize, the Governor’s Cup.
  • For competition details visit the Students Change Hunger website.


This is a hunger workshop held at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey (Hillside) or at your school. Topics include: Advocacy, Social Media, Fundraising, and Poverty and Hunger Awareness.


Every September is Hunger Action Month! Feeding America designates this month to focus and raise awareness about hunger within our community and act to improve the lives of those we serve.

We will have special ways for you, and your family and friends to take action in person and online.



Attention art teachers, potters and craftspeople. You can join the Community FoodBank of New Jersey on a wonderful project called “Empty Bowls.” You design and make small bowls. We set up a special evening for friends, family and the rest of the community to come and purchase the bowls, and use them for a meal of donated soup and bread. These bowls remind the owners of the empty bowls in the world. They are wonderful for all ages and to raise awareness and funds!

For any questions about our youth programs, please contact Renee Helfenstein, Director of Special Events & Community Outreach, at rhelfenstein@cfbnj.org or 908-355-3663 ext. 351.