Food Drives

A food drive is an organized effort by individuals, families or groups to collect food and grocery products, usually within a given time period, for donation to the hungry. Please see our FAQs for more information about food drives.

Getting Started

There are two simple steps for running a drive:

Step 1 – Get the information you need to run and promote the drive.
Food Drive Kit

Our “Most Wanted Items” posters (can be displayed at your drop-off points).
Most Wanted Poster – Color
Most Wanted Post – Black & White

Step 2 – Register your drive with us.

Students Change Hunger Food Drive

Find out how your school can get involved in Students Change Hunger.  This annual food drive serves as a competition for schools across the state, from preschool through college. The challenge centers on each school collecting food to help hungry people in New Jersey.

CLICK HERE to find out more and to register your school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a food drive?

There are all too many people here in New Jersey who have been left behind despite economic growth – the child from a low-income household, a family often headed by a struggling single parent, the elderly woman living on tea and toast toward the end of the month in order to meet the rent, the working poor struggling to keep the family together, the unemployed, the disabled, the abused, the homeless.

What role does the Community FoodBank of New Jersey fill?

At the FoodBank, we solicit food donations in order to warehouse and supply food and grocery products to New Jersey charities that carry on the vital work of feeding our less fortunate neighbors.

Where does the food go?

We supply food to more than 1,000 non-profit charities in 17 New Jersey counties. The charities include soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, food banks, after-school programs and senior centers. Many of those who are helped require temporary assistance – a hand up due to a sudden illness, the loss of a job or some other catastrophe. Others, because of their circumstances, will always require assistance.

Are some foods more desirable than others?

Yes, canned and non-perishable items are desirable primarily because of their long shelf life. High-protein items are preferred. Please see our Most Wanted list.

Will I really make a difference?

Absolutely! The assistance that we at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey are privileged to provide would not be possible without the help of concerned people like you — friends who run food drives, who volunteer at our warehouse and offsite, or who serve as coordinators for our annual Check-Out Hunger campaign. Together, we make a difference.